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Engagement Food Catering Services in Siliguri

Among the many ceremonies that are associated with the great Indian Wedding Festival, the ring or the engagement ceremony is viewed as the most important one. During this pre-wedding ritual, families from both the groom and bride gather, and a formal commitment for the marriage is made with the exchange of rings. In the course of this event, several other rituals including a puja are also followed to solemnize the ring ceremony. This small and intimate gathering is usually held a few days or months ahead of the wedding though in some cases, it is known to be held a day or two before the wedding as well.

An interesting fact about the engagement ceremony in India is that the ceremony is as diverse as the country itself. Various regions and communities have their own traditions and customs when it comes to the engagement ceremony as well as the wedding itself. Example: While in the north the engagement or mangni is a grand affair involving a band and a baja; in the south and east it’s a much somber one that includes only the presence of the elderly members of the family and not the groom and bride.

Engagement Food Catering Services in Siliguri

Given the importance of the event, it is obvious that every aspect of the ceremony has to be perfect right from the floral arrangements, ambience, music and food, and for some this can be pretty overwhelming. While it is somewhat easy to handle the music and the décor part, arranging food for the guests can be a harrowing experience as it happens to be one of the many things people love to indulge in and talk about.

Today, catering services have become an integral part of all celebratory and business events. These companies with their vast range of Indian and international menu; quality meals and professional services know exactly what the customers are looking for and can thus customize their menu as per the client’s needs and demands.

Tips for hiring private catering services in Siliguri.

  • 1. Consider your budget, event size, and location when selecting a caterer: When hiring a caterer, make sure that the caterer can handle the size of your event without any hiccups. Also, make sure that the caterer you select is familiar with the location where the event takes place.
  • 2. Make sure to check the customer's review of a caterer before finalizing – online reviews and word of the mouth feedback from friends and family are important things to consider when selecting a ring ceremony catering service.
  • 3. Caterers fees - Always make sure to make your expectations clear from the very beginning to avoid any hidden charges or fees.
  • 4. Certifications and Licenses – The caterer should have the proper certifications and license to run the business.
  • 5. Get 5-6 quotes from various caterers before finalizing one – Take multiple quotations from different food catering providers and compare their rates based upon the menu, event size, manpower, etc.
  • 6. Ask about other catering arrangements – While most venue providers and banquet halls provide their own linen, chairs, tables and utensils, it is advisable to check the same with your caterer. If they do, then you can bargain with your venue provider and the caterer for a good deal.
  • 7. Avoid a caterer who is overbooked – You don't want any last-minute hiccups.
  • 8. Check menu options and sample the food – Make sure to discuss and taste the menu options with the caterer. If there are any dietary restrictions, make sure that the caterer knows about it.
  • 9. Meet your caterer personally and check the overall behavior of the staff – Make sure to meet the caterer and their staff personally as it will help you know their attitude and behavior. Well-behaved, polite, well groomed staff can make a difference.
  • 10. Check about different types of catering available - Prices may vary for buffet vis-à-vis table services. Hence, make sure that you check it too.
Private catering services in Siliguri

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